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Veedi Shoolas according to vastu

There are sites where roads or lanes run right into the face of site from different directions and these are known
as Veedi (Road) Shoolas(Arrows). Some of them are good and others are bad.

From North North -East .This is a Best Site gives Name & Fame, Enhances Avenues for Female,
Happiness, the Richest.




From East North -East This is a Best Site Improves Power and Authority of Male host & Happiness /Richness.

From West North – West This is a Good Site Enthroves Forward to be Leader.

From South South -East This is considered Good Veedi Shool Encourages the Host Towards Financial Better most.

From North North -West This is a Bad Veedi Shool Piercing Lance to the Pleasures of Female most.Causes Financial Trouble and Renders the Inhabitants Issueless.

From East South -East This is a Bad Site Beats at the Source of  Wealth & Rest.


From West South -West This is a Very Bad Site Punches the Destiny of Male as a Ghost.


From South South -West This is a Very Bad Site Hit at the Wealth and Health of Female Most.


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