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Vastu direction according to Zodiac Sign

Unsuitable directions to live according to the signs of Zodiac. Those who are indicated in the directions have no sufficient strength

Varga-Chakra’ according to Vashik, Narada, Kashyap and others and Chintamani Karak. These are the suitable directions to live with strength.

‘Griharvan-Chakra’ according to ‘Varga’

‘There are directions (Dig-Bhag) where the people belonging to the twelve signs of Zodiac (Rasi) should not live in any village.

Unsuitable directions Signs of Zodiac to live in
North     Aries
Middle     Taurus
Middle     Gemini
S.W.      Cancer
Middle     Leo
South      Virgo
N.W.       Libra
East       Scorpio
West      Sagittarius
Middle     Capricorn
N.E.         Aquarius
S.E. Pisces
Shloka : Akaradishu Vargeshu Dikshu Poorvaditah
Kramat Gaja Marjata Simhaswa Sarpashu Mriga
Shashakah Digvarganamiyam
Yonisswavagatpanchamo Ripuh Ripuh Vargam
Parityajya Shesha Vargashhubha Pradah Astha
Varga Akaradya Poorvadishthanamashritah.
Name of the                                          The presiding             Direction
Group (Varga) deity
1. ‘A’ Varg A, A, I, I, U,U, Ri. Ri, Lu,     Garutman                      East
Luu, E, A1, O, AU,
Am, Ah
2. ‘Ka’ Varg Ka, Kha, a, Gha, Gna        Cat                           South-East

3. ‘Cha Varg’ Cha,Cha, Ja, Jha, Ini         Lion                          South

4. ‘Ta’ Varg Ta, Tha,Da, Dha, Na          Horse                     South-West

5. ‘Tha’ Varg Tha, Tha, Da, Dha, Na     Snake                                 West

6. ‘Pa’ Varg Pa, Pha, Ba, Bha, Ma        Rat                                    North-West

7. ‘Ya’ Varg Ya, Ra,La Va                     Deer                          North

8. ‘Sa’ Varg Sa, Sha,Sa, Ha                  Hare                     North-East

1.) For those belonging to ‘A’ group
1. East – Own place, monetary benefit, benefit of much happiness and welfare.
2. South – A little happiness etc, financial benefit.
3. South – Happiness, pleasure and joy.
3. South – Physical illness, worry and expenditure.
5. West – Fear of enemies, humiliation.
6. North – Difficulties & Loss, problems, mixed West result.
7. North – Happiness, pleasure, profit, joy and success.
8. North – Death, fear, humiliation.
Name of the presiding Direction Group (Varga) deity
2.) For those belonging to ‘ka’ group
1. South – Heaven, profitable, auspicious.
2. South – Monetary benefit, wisdom, fame.
3. South – Happiness and joy, advantage of life.
4. West – Physical diseases, fear, worry (agitation).
5. North – Fear from enemies, worry, professional West fear, agitation.
6. North – Mixed result.
7. North – Progress in luxuries and wealth, respect  in society, joy.
8. East – Difficulties and loss, problems, fatal.

3.) For those belonging to ‘Cha’ Group
1. South – Own place, abundant pleasure and profit.
2. South – Financial benefit, pilgrimage, meeting friends and relatives.
3. West – Extreme happiness etc.
4. North – Physical illness, worry.
5. North – Enemity, professional fear, monetary loss.
6. North – Difference of opinion, despondency.
7. East – Profit, pleasure from friends, wisdom.
8. South – Fear from death, monetary loss.
4. For those belonging to ‘Ta’ group
1. South – Own place, extreme profit, success.
2. West – Monetary strength, happiness and joy.
3. North – More profits, happiness and joy,successful.
4. North – Physical illness, use of medicines, enemity.
5. North – Place of enemies, fear, agitation.
6. East – Mixed result, agitation, expenditure.
7. South – appropriate, welfare, prosperity, profit in life.
8. South – Death, accident, cruelty.
5. For those belonging to ‘Tha’ group
1. West – Own place, success, profit, happiness.
2. North – Monetary strength, respect, suitability.
3. North – Happiness, prosperity, position, fame.
4. North – Mixed result, enemity, illness.
5. East – Fear from enemies, humiliation, necessary   activity, business.
6. South – Agitation, fear, blame
7. South – Suitable, prosperity in life, fame.
8. South – Fear of the death, difficulties and loss.
6. For those belonging to ‘Pa’ group
1. North – Own place, progress in fortune, respect etc.
2. North – Happiness, auspicious, joy.
3. North – Profit, fame, more relations, success.
4. East – Physical illness, agitation, medical use.
5. South – Fear from enemies, blame, business.
6. South – Enemity, illness, professional pressure,expenditure.
7. South – Suitable prosperity, profit, happiness.
8. West – Fatal, should be avoided.
7. For those belonging to ‘Ya’ group
1. North – Own place, profit, happiness, success.
2. North – Pleasant, monetary strength.
3. East – mental happiness, agricultural prosperity,
4. South – Physical illness, use of medicine, loss of
East health.
5. South – Trouble from enemies, political agitation.
6. South – Enemity without any cause, expenditure,
West agitation.
7. West – Abudant wealth and crop, happiness,
8. North – Fear from death, agitation. Responsible for
West accident.
8. For those belonging to ‘Sha’ group
1. North – Own place, successful, fame, joy.

2. East – Monetary strength, success, profit.
3. South – Much profit, happiness and welfare, fear.

4. South – Physical illness, use of medicine.
5. South – Fear from enemies, humiliation, monetary loss.
6. West – Physical illness, enemity, expenditure.
7. North – Suitable, auspicious, happiness, joy.
8. North – Death, illness, agitation.

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