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Underground Water Tank vastu

  1. Locate the tank towards NE of the house.
  2. The tank can be towards North and East
  3. Tank can also be located at 5th pada in West
  4. If there’s no option than you can also locate the tank in 4th pada in South

Note: In the image you’ll see that there’re locations in North, South, East and West of the house where you can place underground water tanks.

While some vastu consultants would agree to this arrangement, others would straightway disagree.

Hence, it’s best to locate an underground tank at the “all agreed” location of NE part of the house.

Underground Water Tank – It’s Effects (Direction-Wise)

S. No. Direction Effect of Underground Water Tank
1. North-East (NE) All Kind of Happiness and Prosperity.
2. North Acquisition of Wealth, Happiness & Prosperity.
3. East Prosperity & Wealth Gain.
4. West Acquisition of wealth; develops a liking for spiritual Science & Worries.  Increase worries about the Health (permitted in 5th pada)
5. South Mental Sickness, Loss of Wife. (permitted in 4th pada)
6. North-West (NW) Enmity, Theft, Progeny affected; Mental Tension & Loss of Wealth. Balance of life is lost
7. South-West (SW) Death of head of the Family, Accident, violence, total failure in jobs/business, wealth loss, suicides, family clashes leading to break up.
8. South-East (SE) Loss of Wealth. Defames Owner. Kids in Problem. Clashes in family (women suffer more).
9. Center Bankruptcy & total destruction of the family

Underground Water Tanks – What to Follow

  1. Always do pooja before digging the earth.
  2. Always make sure to get advice from an expert vastu consultant

Underground Water Tank – What to Avoid

  1. Avoid dirty tanks
  2. No leakage or seepage
  3. Never start digging on any Tuesday
  4. Never close incorrectly located tank by yourself
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