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Shree Shiva-Parvati Stuti

Shree Shiva-Parvati Stuti

This stotram for meditating the lord siva.If you meditating shiva stuti daily,he gives wealth and prosperity.he is the god of all the gods.he will clear the all  problem in your life by chanting this mantra daily.we can seeking the blessing form shiva by chanting this stotram.

Karpoor Gauram Karunnaavataram
Sansaar Saaram Bhujgendra Haaram.
Sadaa Vasantam Hridyaarvrinde
Bhavam Bhavaani Sahitam Namaami.


I Bow to Bhavani as well as to Lord Shiva who is white as camphor,
who is compassion incarnate, who is the essence of the world,
who wears a garland of a large snake and who always
dwells in the lotus like hearts of his devotees.


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