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Shape of a plot according to vastu

Square Shape

AB = BC = CD = DA
All Angles are 900

Rectangular shape

AB = CD (Width)
BC = DA (Depth)
All Angles are 900
(Financial Growth)

* If depth is more than twice the width, plot becomes average.

Unhappiness and Varied problems can be used by carving out the biggest rectangle and rejecting the portion outside the rectangle.

Average, can cause of Govt. punishment can be used for construction by carving out the biggest square or rectangle and lining the rest portion.

Loss of Wealth,can be used for construction by carving out the biggest square or rectangle & living the rest.

Legal problem , Loss by Fire and Instability Govt. Harassment,Penalty etc., can be used by carving out maximum square or rectangle.

Unhappiness Poverty should be rejected or carve the biggest rectangle rejecting the portion.

Various Troubles ,Enemity , Fear should be rejected or carve the biggest rectangle rejecting the portion.

Weak causing Loss Due to Theft.

Inauspicious, Enemity causing Disputes, Quarrels in Family , can be used for construction after carving out biggest
square or rectangle leaving the rest.

Legal Problems,Confusion, Loss of  Wealth.

Weak causing Unhappiness, Loss of Wealth, can be used after carving out rectangle leaving the balance.

Weak causing Illness & Poverty.

Weak causing Death of Wife.

Weak causing Loss of Cattle &Loss of Wealth.


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