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Sankata Hara Ganapathi Stotram



Balarkaaruna kanthir vaame Baalaam vaha nankhe,
Lasad indhivara hastham gourangim rathna shobhadyaam,
Dakshe angusa varadhanam vame pasancha Payasam pathram,
Neelaam Shuka samana peedepadhyarune thishtan,
Sankataharana paayath sankatapoogadh gajanano nithyam.


Let my sorrows be daily destroyed by Sankata Hara Ganapathi,
Who shines red like the infant sun who has on his left lap his wife,
Carrying a pretty lotus and shining with radiance and wearing jewels,
Who carries on his right hand a goad and sign of blessing,
And in his left hand a rope , pot of Payasam and is seated,
On a red lotus flower wearing blue cloths .

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