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Remedies for Rahu Dosha

Rahu Dosh Nivaran Pooja Vidhi

1. Observe fast throughout the day

2. Chant Rahu Graha Shanti Mantra

3. Havan or fire ritual for Rahu.

4. Offer prayers to Lord Hanuman

Rahu Bheeja Mantras Benefits

The mantras given below are some of the Bheeja Mantras of Rahu and are highly powerful in directly sending your prayers to Rahu graha.

You can use these mantras to connect with Rahu and derive all the benefits for your progress. Chanting these mantras can energize you with amazing powers and elevate your status in the society working from multiple angles.

1. Om Dhum Ram Rahave Namah

(The root word Dhum corresponds to the power what is known as Dhavana Shakti that is associated with hiding, saving and preparing.)

2. Om Bhraam Bhreem Bhraum Sah Rahave Namah

3. Om Raam Rahve Namah

4. Aum Rang Rahave Namah

You can choose either one or more Bheeja mantras for your chanting process. In one sitting, you can chant 1

08 times making one round of the rosary.

Rahu Gayatri Mantras

Om Sookdantaya Vidmahe, Ugraroopaya Dhimahi

Tanno Rahu Prachodayat

( I Meditate on Rahu who has a and a ferocious form. Let Rahu kindle my intellect and illumine it.)

Om Naakadhwajaaya Vidmahae Padma Hastaaya Dheemahi

Tanno Raahu Prachodayaat

(I meditate on Rahu who has a flag bearing snake’s image and holding a lotus in his hands. Let Rahu kindle my intellect and illumine it.)

Rahu Shanti Mantra

Om Rahuve Devaye Shaantim, Rahuve Kripaaye Karoti, Rahuaaye chamaaye abhilaashat, Om Rahuve Namoh Namah.

Rahu Mantra from Puranas

Ardha-kayam mahim-viryam chandraditya-vimardanam

simhika- -garbha-sambhutam tam rahum pranamamy aham

Rahu Dosh Nivaran Pooja Benefits

1. Removes obstacles and helps you succeed.

2. Improves quality of personal and professional life.

3. It improves your financial condition.

4. Helps you gain spiritual bliss.

5. Helps to maintain good health.


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