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Overhead Water Tank Vastu 

  1. Best located in SW or West
  2. Can be located in South too
  3. NW is the last option for overhead water tank placement (the tank should be small & 2-3 feet away from NW corner)
  4. Never locate it in NE as that makes NE heavy
  5. Don’t locate in SE; results in loss of wealth and accidents
  6. Never locate at the center of house

Apart from all this, here’re more vastu tips for overhead water tank.

Overhead Water Tank – What to Do

Keep SW and South tank on a platform that’s 1-2 feet higher than the roof.For a tank in West there’s no need for a platform; you can place the tank at roof level.

  1. Blue or black colored plastic tanks can be used (avoid plastic tanks)
  2. Keep the tanks completely covered
  3. Clean the tanks regularly
  4. Have separate water tanks for kitchen and bathrooms/toilets

Overhead Water Tank – What to Avoid

  1. Avoid using plastic water tanks
  2. Never locate a water tank above a kitchen or bedroom
  3. No dampness or leaks from tanks (especially in SW)
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