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Kshipra prasada Ganapathi



Drutha pasangusa kalpa latha swaradhascha bheejapoorayuthaa,
Sasi sakala kalitha mouli strilochano arunascha , gaja vadana,
BHasura bhoosgana deeptho brahad dara padmam vishtarollasitha,
Vighna payodhara pavana kara drutha kamla sadhasthu bruthyai.


I pray for prosperity that Ganesa who holds the rope, goad, wish giving creeper , his own tusk and pomegranate ,
Who has crescent decorating his crown , who has three eyes, who is red in colour and has an elephant face ,
Who has a big form decorated by ornaments and is happy with the big lotus flower he holds,
Who removes all obstacles by his grace like wind using the lotus flower that he holds.

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