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Katyayani Mantras for delay Marriage

Goddess Katyayani is the sixth form of Nav Durga.’Katyayani’  means one who is able to remove rigidity and destructive ego’. Goddess Katyayani governs the planet Guru Graha.Goddess Katyayani sits on a lion,she has three eyes and four arms. One hand holds a weapon, the other a lotus, the remaining two hands are for granting wishes.

Katyayani Mantra is to solve the problem of delayed marriage. Katyayani Mantra has the power to remove the Kuja or the Mangal Dosha present in  Horoscope. Manglik Dosha not only delays marriage, but also creates many problems in a happy married life.Married couples too can benefit from the regular chanting of Katyayani Mantra to ensure happiness and peace in their married life.


|| Hey gauri shankaradhanyatha twam shankarpriya ||

|| Tatha man kuru kalyanikantkantan sudurlabham||

Katyayani Surya Mantra for delayed Marriages:

Om Devendrani Namastubhyam DevendrapriyaBhamini |

Vivaaham Bhagyamaarogyam Sheeghralabham ChaDehi Me ||


Katyayani Marriage Mantra:


||Om Hring Katyaynyai Swaha ||

|| Hring Shring Katyaynyai Swaha ||


Katyayani Mantra for early marriage:

Om Katyayani Mahamaye Mahayoginyadhisvari |

Nandgopasut Devi Patim Me Kuru Te Namah ||


Katyayani Mantra for a blissful married life:

Om Shang Shankaray Sakal Janmarjit paapVidhvans Naay

Purusharth Chatustay Labhay ch Patim meDehi Kuru-Kuru Swaha ||


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