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First Floor according to vastu

1.) The height of the roof of the First Floor should not be more than that of the Ground floor.
2.) There should never be a balcony on the First Floor in the SouthWest corner. It may be away from this corner. Provided it is not round or of irregular shape.
3.) Rain water on the First Floor should have an exit in the North, East or NorthEast.
4.) In the case of only First Floor it should be constructed in the South-West side and only terrace should be left in the North & East. This does not applyto a Multi-storeyed building. Balconies should be in the North & East.
5.) The slope of the flooring of the First Floor should be towards the North and East.
6.) Doors and Windows on the first floor should be on the East and North side. A big window in the Northwest is good.
7.) On the First Floor bedroom or Study room of the head of the family should be provided.

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