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Energy levels inside the plot according to vastu

Every plot is covered with the peculiar type of energy and universal magnetic field. If there is a wall around the plot it creates an energy level and magnetic field inside the plot. If there is no compound wall the benefits of energy level and the magnetic field are not obtained. At least in the West and the South sides there should be a thick high ompound wall. In the North and the East a thinner compound wall of a lesser height can serve the purpose. Instead of this if there is a wire fencing in the East and the North these directions will be open which is more beneficial.

If the plot is square (length and breadth are equal) the energy level inside the plot is obtained in proper proportion beneficially.If the plot is rectangular in shape, energy level is obtained at a medium level. Of course for travelling from the North- East to the South -West corner the energy waves have to cover more distance. Due to this intensity of the magnetic field is reduced. However if the Energy Level Inside the Plot ratio of length and breadth is 2:1

in the rectangular plot a good magnetic field can be created. However if the length is more than double the breadth  (breadth =25 Ft.length = 100 Ft. ratio = 1: 4 ) the magnetic field created is very low. In this context by raising one or two cross walls good magnetic field can be obtained. (Due to decrease in length of the plot).

The energy inside the plot flows from +ve – (that is from a higher level to a lower level). However, the SouthWest corner should be at the highest and the North -East corner at the lowest level. As shown in figure if the energy level at the NorthEast corner is supposed to be zero than that in the North – West should exceed by one. The energy level in South -East corner should exceed that in the North -East corner by two. The energy level the in the South – West corner should exceed that in the North -East corner by three.

For example : The upward slope from the North -East corner to the North -West corner should be of one foot.The upward slope from the North – East corner to the South -East corner should be of two feet. The upward slope from the South -East corner to the South -West corner should be of one feet (here it will be 2 + 1 =3 ft.).The upward slope from the North -West corner to the South -West corner should exceed by two feet i.e one + two = three.

All the above rules are applicable if the magnetic meridian (South -North direction) is passing throughthe centre of the plot and not through the corners of the plot. When the magnetic meridian passes through the corners of the plot the four main direction the East,the West, the North and South fall in the corner of the plot or near the corners of the plot the magnetic field and the energy level inside the plot gives medium level benefits. Of course the building built without following the rules of Vastushastra do not lead to heavy losses and the buildings built following the rules of
Vastushastra give 75% benefits.

In the plots where the magnetic meridian passes through the centre, that is the four major direction the East, the
West , the North and the South meet at the centre of the plot, and the four sub-directions the North -East,the North- West, the South -East and the South -West converge in the corners of the plot, and if the North -East corner is extending (the North -East angle is an acute angle less than 90%) then the auspicious ultraviolet rays are obtained in a large measure.

The benefits are directly proportional to the acuteness of this angle (the mysterious cosmic energy is the result of the corner in the pyramids. The angle from the ground to the edge of the pyramid goes on decreasing).

Barring the North -East corner if the North -West, South-East and the South -West corners are extended meaning there is an angle of less than 900 i.e. an acute angle in all there corners it results in losses instead of profits. It is necessary that these corners should be of 900 . Out of these only if the North -West corner is more than 900 it is beneficial. It is extremely necessary to have the South -East and the South -West corners of 900 .

For getting energy level in the plot it is necessary that the East & the North parts are vacant as much as possible. Construction in the North -East, the South -East and the North – West corners with the support of the compound walls is nothing but obstacles in the formation of energy level and universal magnetic fields.Out of these if the North-East corner is closed by constructing Garage, lumber room, Lavatory (bathroom) or any other construction with the support of the compound wall the energy level and the universal magnetic field is destroyed totally. Therefore
the North -East corner should always be kept vacant and if possible there should be storage of underground
water. Due to water the cosmic rays filter down to the earth which helps the building. There should not be Pipal, Audumbar or the Indian fig tree which are otherwise auspicious or any type of other trees flowers etc in the East, the North or the North-East corner because these trees absorb the auspicious ultra -violet rays by the land. The building, thus does not get the benefits of these rays. Water should be sprinkled in the East and the North sides of the plot.
Due to this there is a catalytic action and the auspicious rays are absorbed by the land to a larger extent.

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