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Dhyana stotram for Ganapathi (Vigneswara)


Sindhoorabham, trinethram, prathutharajataram hastha padmair dadaanam, Dantham pasungusou swam hyoorukaravilsad bheeja poorabhiramam, Balendu dhyotha moulim gajapathi vadanam dhanapurardra gandam, Bhogheendrabhadha bhoosham, bhajatha ganapathim, rakthavasthrangaragam.


Pray that Ganapathi, who is of the colour of saffron,
Who has three eyes, has a very big paunch and prettily holds,
In his four lotus like hands, tusk, rope, goad and lemon,
Who wears the rising crescent moon on his head,
Who has a face of an elephant and neck wet with exuberance,
And who wears ornaments of snakes, red cloths and red marks on his forehead.

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