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Clock/Wall Clock Vastu

Clock/Wall Clock Vastu – What to Follow

  1. Position wall clocks on North or East walls.
  2. Hanging a clock in North is believed to attract wealth. More on attracting wealth .
  3. You can place a clock in West too but that should be the last option
  4. Placing pendulum clocks in Eastern side is considered good.
  5. In bedroom, try to place the wall clock such that you can see it right from the bed when you wake up (probably on North wall as you’d keep your head towards South while sleeping). More on sleeping position vastu .
  6. Always hang clocks inside the house.
  7. Repair or replace non-working clocks.
  8. All the clocks should be at correct time or 1-2 minutes ahead of correct time.
  9. Always clean all the wall clocks.

Clock/Wall Clock Vastu – What to Avoid

  1. No wall clocks on South wall.
  2. Avoid hanging clock above any door.
  3. No wall clocks should face bedroom door.
  4. No wall clocks allowed outside the house.
  5. No broken or stopped clocks in the house.
  6. Clocks should never be behind the correct time.
  7. A clock’s glass should not be broken.
  8. Avoid clocks that depict negative energy (such as grief, war, loneliness etc.)
  9. For a wall clock (or clock) in bedroom make sure that the bed isn’t reflected in the clock’s glass.
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