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Bhai Dooj

In Bhaiya Dooj, the sisters pray for their brothers to have a long and happy life when performing the Tika ceremony and the brothers offer gifts to their sisters. Bhaiya Dooj is also known as Bhau Beej, Bhatra Dwitiya, Bhai Dwitiya and Bhathru Dwithiya.

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Govardhan Puja | Annakut Puja

Most of the time the Govardhan Puja day falls the next day after Diwali Puja and is celebrated as the day on which Lord Krishna defeated God Indra. Sometimes there may be a one-day gap between Diwali and Govardhan Puja. In religious texts, Govardhan Puja celebrations during the Pratipada Tithi month of Kartik are suggested. Depending on the start time …

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Lakshmi Puja

We are giving details of Lakshmi Puja Vidhi during Diwali. For Diwali Puja, people should buy the new Pratima from Maha Lakshmi. This Vidhi Puja is delivered for the new Pratima or Murti of Shri Lakshmi. The given Vidja Puja includes the sixteen steps of worship known as Shodashopachara Puja. Dhyana Puja should start with the meditation of Bhagawati Lakshmi. …

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Abhyang Snan on the day of Naraka Chaturdash

Diwali’s five-day holiday begins in Dhantrayodashi and lasts for Bhaiya Dooj day. Abhyang Snan has been suggested in three days, that is, in the days of Chaturdashi, Amavasya and Pratipada during Diwali. Abhyang Snan on the day of Chaturdashi, popularly known as Narak Chaturdashi, is the most significant. It is believed that people who do Abhyang Snan on this day …

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Dhanteras or Dhantrayodashi

Pradosh Kaal – 05:42 PM to 08:15 PMVrishabha Kaal – 06:50 PM to 08:45 PM Dhantrayodashi, also known as Dhanteras, is the first day of the five-day Diwali celebrations. On the day of Dhantrayodashi, the goddess Lakshmi came out of the ocean while stirring the Milky Sea. Therefore, the goddess Lakshmi, along with Lord Kubera, the god of wealth, is worshiped on the auspicious day of Trayodashi. However, Lakshmi Puja …

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Diwali festival

Diwali is the most important Hindu religious festival. Diwali, also known as Deepavali, is also known as the Festival of Lights. The festival spiritually means the triumph of light over darkness, the knowledge of ignorance, the good of evil, and the hope of despair. In most places Diwali is celebrated for five days.Since Hinduism is the oldest religion whose history …

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Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya is also known as Akha Teej is very auspicious day for Hindu and jain communities. It occurs during Shukla Paksha Tritiya in the month of Vaishakha. Akshaya Tritiya occurs on a Rohini Nakshatra day with Wednesday is considered very auspicious. The word Akshaya means never diminishing. people doing any Japa, Yajna, Pitra-Tarpan, Dan-Punya on this day never diminish and remain with …

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Sri Rama Navami

Sri Rama Navami is very significant day for Hindu.Lord Rama was born on Navami Tithi during Shukla Paksha of Chaitra month. Each year this day is celebrated as Sri Rama Navami.He is the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu.His birth place is Ayodhya. He was born during Madhyahna period which is middle of Hindu day. Madhyahna which prevails for six Ghatis (approximately 2 hours …

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Ugadi festival/Gudi Padwa

Ugadi is significant festival for Telugu,Kannada and Maharastra people.It is also known as Yugadi, Chandramana Varsha Thodaku, Chandramana Ugadi, and Vatsara Arambha. In maharastra they celebrate as Gudi Padwa.Ugadi means new beginning or the commencement of a new. According to puranas Lord Brahma created the universe on Ugadi.Ugadi  is celebrated on the first day of the Hindu lunar calendar month of Chaitra.From Ugadi onwards …

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