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Basement According to vastu

1.) A sick person should not reside in Basement. He will not be cured.
2.) If business is carried out in Basement, only invoices can be made there but cash counter must be
on ground floor and not in the Basement.
3.) In Western countries big mirrors are used to reflect the sun rays into the basement. It helps to some extent.
4.) The Basement blocks the solar rays and thus deprives the benefits of solar rays. Hence it is advisable not to have basement.
5.) The Basement should not be in the South or West alone.
6.) East and North Basement are good. If only in the North-East Borewell or water facilities are
provided it will be very auspicious and will bring a lot of property. Keeping heavy items in the South-West
if one sits facing the North it is very good for business If business is in the NorthWest a big ventilation should
be provided in the North. Any basement should have doors and windows in the North and the East. The business in the NorthWest will be good but there will be laziness and sudden loss in business and theft may occur.
7.) A hotel in the Southeast of the Basement will be successful if the kitchen is arranged as per rules of the
Vastu Shastra.
8.) The lower most part of Basement under a temple is full of magnetic power and other powers created by
Saints who worshipped there.
9.) No basement should have height of less than nine.

0.) The place at Basement is good only for godowns.If in the SouthWestcorner a well or borewell or underground water storage is made it will be most dangerous. The head of the family may have accidental death or suicidal cases may occur.
11.) If 1/4th of the basement is above the plot level and if the morning sun rays enter the basement from 7 am. To 10 am. it is O.K.

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