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Auspicious months for gruha pravesh

In a newly built house, the first entry is auspicious when the sun is in the uttarayan position; in old, renovated houses, when Guru (Jupiter) or Shukra (Venus) is setting (the tara or star does not matter in this case). Auspicious months for griha pravesh, that are based on the lunar calendar, and their outcome have been provided below:

Magh (part January and part February)Gain of wealth
Falgun (part February and part March)Gain of children and wealth
Baishak (part April and part May)Growth of wealth and prosperity
Jeshtha (part May and part June)Gain of son and cattle
Kartik (part October and part November)No significant effect
Margshirsh (part November and part December) 
Ashadh (part June and part July)Could lead to losses, pains, troubles and fear of enemies
Bhadrapad (part August and part September) 
Ashwin (part September and part October) 
Paush (part December and part January) 

Furthermore, the tithies (dates according to lunar calender) 4, 9, 1

4 and Amavas (no moon night) should be avoided. Griha pravesh should not be held on a Tuesday.

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